Crystal Singing Bowls & Pyramids

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high frequency ~ crystalline healing sounds ~infusing joy ~ healing etheric bodies

CONTACT JAY STUART SCHWED to order at 928-241-0311

He will personally assist you in choosing the right size for you and will guide you through owning and playing your Crystal Singing Pyramid

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3" Pyramid ~ $175.00

5" Pyramid ~ $225.00

6" Pyramid ~ $250.00

7" Pyramid ~ $275.00

8" Pyramid ~ $300.00

9" Pyramid ~ $325.00

10" Pyramid ~ $350.00

11" Pyramid ~ $375.00

12" Pyramid ~ $400.00

14.5" Pyramid ~ $450.00

These ancient yet modern healing tools are accurately scaled and modeled after the ancient Cheops Pyramids in Egypt. Their healing abilities fall far beyond amazing. Your friends, families and clients will be mesmerized by the experience. The vibrations are truly enchanting.  They are made of 99.999% pure crystal quartz. As the pyramid is spun over and stimulates each chakra (spinning wheel of energy), it stimulates each cell of your body as well.   The pyramids assist each cell in returning to its optimal function. 

Each pyramid has a variety of overtones and each one has its own unique sound.  The tone lasts several minutes after each tap. They are all hand made and are being used extensively by sound therapists and energy healers who lead workshops and performances to assist people in their healing or awakening process.  They can also  be used to do home energy clearings and enhance the vibrational frequency of a variety of household and personal items, foods and nourishing products, healing tools and more.... 

The pyramids are attuning people to the newest vibrations that began arriving after the ending of the Mayan calendar ~Jay




Singing Bowls

Contact Sue Lovett, Crystal Tones Distributor

at 617-921-1037

deep penetration of crystal resonance ~ strong rich notes and tones

Crystal Tones Kyanite Bowl ~ 8" ~ D (Sacral)

Kyanite is an extremely powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies. It
builds energetic bridges of light and information between incongruent aspects of
experience. This alchemy builds an energetic light bridge for a more harmonious
connection and communication, opening psychic channels and activating mind centers.
The Kyanite resonance accentuates mental capacities and improves one’s ability to
“download” information for higher sources by linking the physical, astral and causal

$ 1.049.00


Crystal Tones Black Tourmaline Bowl 9" ~ C (Root)

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate purification and protection bowl, transmuting anything
in your life that keeps you from living your divine purpose. It enlightens you to be, fully
aware, fully present, and fully empowered knowing; “I am divinely guided, I am divinely
protected”. This alchemy is perfect for anyone working in challenging environments, as it
clears and absorbs the blackness of negativity and disharmony. This powerful
purification bowl clears toxins, addictions, attachments and obsessions. The potent
frequencies of Black Tourmaline have the innate ability to clear entities and unhealthy
attachments, ridding you of the resonate frequencies that attracted them in the first place.


The extraordinary tones of Black Tourmaline work on all levels from the lowest to the
highest dimensions, dispelling scattered intention while providing a grounded path for
light to enter the earth plane.

$ 1,799.00 ... Carrying Case $109.00


Crystal Tones Clear Quartz Ultra Light 8" ~ C (Root)

Crystalline Sound, hand held, light weight, designed for mobility. Aesthetically pleasing and resonating with pure white light, The Ultra Light Frosted Bowl® mists the sound current with a sweeter, softly higher waveform than a Classic Frosted bowl. This super resonant bowl can ring for two and a half to three minutes with just one firmly applied revolution of the mallet on the rim. The Ultra Light Frosted Bowl® plays a subtle tone that gently massages blocks up to the surface. The frosted finish sends a palette of lighter tones and wraps the auric field with subtle energy. This bowl rounds the more piercing tones of a clear bowl into a marriage of sound and easy movement in a full range of styles. The Practitioner Ultra Light Frosted Bowl® helps create maximum therapeutic effects with clear, pure tones as the healer moves effortlessly with the lightweight bowl for extended periods of time without tiring.

$ 399.00 ... Carrying Case $109.00


Crystal Tones Original Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

16" ~ A# (Pineal)

Stationary, deep tones, group meditation, heavy use 

These beautiful and luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound that is healing for the body’s deeper tissues. Evocative of ancient temples, our Classic Frosted Bowls exude a healing matrix wherever they’re sounded. The effects of playing Classic Frosted Bowls in the home, office or a large group setting can be more grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful energy. The highly tactile and light-filled Classic Frosted bowls are perfect entrainment tools for large groups, meditation and indoor and outdoor healing and garden spaces. 

The Classic Frosted bowls carry an Earth energy. Their white color reminds of purity and new beginnings. Natural light enhances the bowl energies and Feng Shui appeal. Their Zen-sculpted looks are healing and their Yin/Yang qualities stellar. Classic Frosted rounded and light-filled bowls ring with fuller, smoother tones to combine for the sweetest Universal harmonies.

$ 299.00


Sue has access to the complete Line of Crystal Tones Bowls and will personally assist you in choosing the perfect bowl for you!!