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FACT: Selenite changes the flavor of liquids such as water, coffee, tea, wine and beer

"Selenite gives off a very high level of negatively charged ions, called 'anions'. So anything that is positively charged, which is called a 'cation' would be affected by the selenite anion cloud.

Water with a lot of minerals, such as calcium (Ca+++) or magnesium (Mg++) will have its minerals formed into a colloidal suspension, ie: tiny clumps. This will improve the flavor as less of the active mineral molecules will be available for the tastebuds to sense.

Wine, which contains sulfites, which have a weak negative charge will also be somewhat affected by the selenite, considering that sulphur itself is very reactive. By reducing the sulfite activity, the wine becomes smoother and softer."

FACT: Many people feel physical sensations from touching selenite or being near it.




"Working with Selenite since March of 2011, I have seen and experienced first hand how it clears blockages and increases vibration time and time again. I have also witnessed how these remarkable stones increase our intuitive abilities and therfore allow us to communicate more clearly with Spirit and others.

Other benefits include: feeling a greater sense of joy, lightness, release of pain, greater sense of clarity, having a better ability to make decisions and take actions which in turn allows us to create more peace and love in our life. In thirteen years of metaphysical work I have found nothing as powerfully transformative as Selenite." ~ Nicki


Selenite & Sound Journeys are 90 minute events

sharing the many benefits of using Selenite and offering two guided meditations that:

move energy up and down the body's major energy cenetrs (chakras)

connect participants on a deeper level with their higher selves

clear and balance energy, mind, emotions and body

instill peace and grounded joy

Participants lie down on mats and blakets with pillows and comfort. Each is given a Selenite rod to align with her/his torso and chakras, as well as two selenite wands to hold in each hand and a Selenite palm stone to place on his/her third eye.

During the guided meditations, Nicki plays both crystal singing pyramids and bowls. The sound intensifies the benefits of the Selenite stones. Participants leave the event feeling uplifted, refreshed and blissful.

Selenite & Sound Journeys ~ $33.00

Call Sue Boardman to book an event at your center (207) 251-2004



"I was first introduced to selenite at an angel fair where Nicki was doing mini 5 minute selenite sessions. I immediately felt what I can only describe as release and a feeling of relief. After suffering with chronic Lyme disease for several years, working with Selenite has brought me the best pain relief. I've tried antibiotics, herbal protocols, acupuncture along with many other therapies, and none have provided the pain relief and allowed me the relaxation like working with Selenite has.

Anyone who has had chronic Lyme disease knows that usually after taking rounds of antibiotics or herbal protocols that there is a herxeimer "herx" reaction (when symptoms get worse temporarily and is the actual die off of the lyme) and then usually a period of relief from symptoms afterwards. I was shocked to feel this after my first Selenite class with Nicki. Not only did I "herx" for the day following the class but after that I had a month of being almost completely symptom free. I then took a second class with Nicki and found it to be just as helpful as the last.

Since working with Selenite I have been able to go off my antibiotics and have been much more active - my severe exhaustion seems to have gone and my energy levels are up! I used to have horrible anxiety and that is also gone now. I even bought a slab of selenite through Nicki so I can continue to enjoy the great benefits of this amazing and healing crystal everyday at home.

I will never be able to thank Nicki enough for introducing me to selenite and for her amazing and relaxing meditations during her classes. I highly recommend both Nicki's classes and selenite to anyone suffering from Lyme disease, anxiety, exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, back problems, and so many other issues that many others suffer from.

P.S. Both my dogs love laying on or next to the selenite too!! They usually fall asleep on it" - Anne M.

"That was the most powerful energy session I have EVER had!!" ~ C.L. ~ D.F.



I’ve known Nicki for years, and although we see the world from different perspectives, we’ve found inspiration and common ground over the years in our searches for truth. My perspective tends to be quite rooted in the earth, and I tend to favor thinking over other ways of knowing. Given that, a Reiki session, especially with selenite and sound, would seem an unlikely choice for me. Yet I chose that.

My experience was amazing. Through a combination of conversation, Reiki, selenite and singing crystal, I felt as though every dimension of my being was wrapped in healing energy. Not only did I experience relief from physical discomfort I’d reported, but my perception grew in clarity and my perspective on life became even broader and more inclusive than usual. As a “thinker,” I can’t explain this, it just worked. ~ B.G.

What a pleasant surprise! I was a little apprehensive about receiving the Selenite treatment so late in the evening with a long ride ahead of me. I thought it might be too relaxing or put me a bit too out there as has been my experience with other types of energy work. Clear is the first word I would use to describe how I felt after receiving a Selenite treatment with Reiki from Nicki. This included both a physical clearing, I was alert and energized and my head felt less foggy from a busy day and also a beautiful emotional clearing, worries I had about things going on my life seemed to just disappear. This feeling of being "Crystal Clear" stayed with me for many days after the treatment. Wow is all I can say!!! As a crystal bowl sound healer and reiki energy worker, I am very excited about purchasing my very own piece of Selenite to share with others. Nicki is an amazing energy worker, Selenite is a perfect addition to the beautiful healing work she already does. ~ S.L.

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Click Below to hear about Leela Hutchinson's Selenite Adventure with the largest crystals in the world (yes they are Selenite) in Naica, Mexico

Animals Know A Good Thing!!

Facts About Selenite

Selenite is a form of gypsum, CaSO4-2(H2O), hydrated calcium sulfate. Gypsum is one of the more common minerals in sedimentary environments. It is a major rock forming mineral that produces massive beds, usually from precipitation out of highly saline waters.

Tests have shown that when liquids, in glass containers, are placed on selenite, the chemical composition of the liquid (wine, beer, and coffee tested so far) is changed.

Selenite emits negative ions.

"Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy."

The word “selenite” comes from the Greek “selenites,” meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock,” with the root word “selene” meaning “moon,” and for good reason - the mineral selenite is the near transparent and colorless crystal form of gypsum that exudes a pearly luster which glows and can very much resemble the moon.  Selene is also the name of the Greek Goddess of the Moon (a.k.a. Artemis or Diana).

The largest individual selenite crystals have been found in Mexico's Cueva de los Crystales, also known as the Cave of the Crystal Giants, deep under the Naica Mountain in the Chihuahuan Desert. The largest single crystal is 4 feet in diameter, 50 feet long, and weighs over 55 tons.

selenite wand

How I Discovered Selenite

I was first introduced to Selenite at the Gem & Mineral show in Tucson in January 2011 where I met the owners of a quarry in New Mexico. They invited me to sit on a 13" x 15" x 1.5" slab of crystal on a folding chair with another 8" slab under my feet. Before I sat they asked me to place my hands on the crystal to set an intention to "clear anything and everything that no longer serves me" then sit for just a couple of minutes.

While sitting I had a clear vision of the crystals being used on a treatment table. My energy was cleared so quickly after 2 minutes of sitting I felt light and tingly inside! I placed an order for 4 large pieces and two hand pieces to use for my Reiki Sessions.

When the crystals arrived I spent several weeks experimenting and developed a unique session that combined intention setting, chakra clearing guided meditation, angelic connection, energy transference, Reiki and crystal bowl sound healing. Clients reported feeling lighter, clearer, more vibrant, more focused and had a more joyous state of being. Time after time I heard "that was the MOST powerful session I have EVER had!" Thrilled with the results, I have shared the stones abilities with as many healers as I can so more people may have greater accessibility to their powerful healing properties.

Sessions may be specifically designed to clear blockages, set intentions, connect with angelic realms and/or simply raise your vibration. Some people have felt a pulling sensation from the slabs as the crystal bowls were playing as if heaviness was being pulled down out of their bodies. While others have reposted a tingling sensation that starts at the feet and rises up through the body. This fast and powerful technique is especially perfect for anyone involved in healing work as it opens you to higher and clearer frequencies. I worked on one well known Cape Cod healer who felt as though he could not possibly go higher and an hour after his session, he called me to tell me he felt he had been "bumped up 10 levels".

After working with Selenite for two months I attended a lecture by a Mayan Wisdom Keeper named Ac Tah. He was discussing the 4,000 year prophecy of the solar flares we are now experiencing and the effects they have not only on Earth's magnetic feild but also on each human's individual electro-magnetic feild. According to the Mayan beliefs, these solar induced disruptions, which are well documented by modern day scientists, are responsible for the increase of such conditions as ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar and schitzophrenia since 1992. He shared about his use of magnets to rebalance the electro-magnetic feilds of individuals. As he described the results that the magnet therapy had on his clients I thought it strange that he described the same results I was having with the Selenite. After the lecture, I asked him about it and he pointed to one of my slabs and said "that stone there does the same thing." 

I began offering Selenite & Sound Events at local healing centers and traveled along the east coast with 600 lbs of crystal for the next year and a half. Often people who fell in love with the stones would ask me where they could purchase Selenite jewelry. In 2013 I took a jewelry wrapping class and fell completely in love with making wearable art with these powerful stones. I now travel with my stones and jewelry across the country to yoga and healing centers offering presentations and meditations, sharing the benefits of Selenite with others.

As for my own personal experience with working with the Selenite; I have noticed a definite difference in my own energy field. I feel consistently clearer, more focused, lighter and happier than ever before. My intuition is clearer and stronger as a result of wearing the stones all day. I am so grateful to have found such a powerful tool for shifting energy and consciousness. I definitely regard Selenite as The Awakening Stone!


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