My Handmade Selenite Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry I make is a unique work of art infused with positive energy & intentions for your peace, love, abundance and joy.

The benefits of wearing Selenite are awesome: feeling lighter, having increased intuitive abilities, feeling clearer and being more focused.

Rough edges are beautiful to me! Often I will keep the interesting natural edges of the Selenite I am wrapping so you can really feel the layers and beauty of it.

Most of the high vibration stones that I pair the Selenite with have been collected during my travels across the country. The Selenite keeps the crystals clear as you wear them.

Thank You for your interest in my work. Enjoy!!


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Why wear Selenite jewelry?


I brought my pendants to my two bankers who help me so much when I travel. They both chose a piece and immediately put them on. I explained that the stones would clear and balance their energy and warned them that if they felt too spacey to do their work, they should just take the jewelry off and know that it was a normal reaction for the first would get better each time they wore the stones as their energy adjusted to the selenite's vibration. Fifteen minutes later they called me giggling...they had not believed me and were very surprised by the lightness that the stones brought...though they had taken off their necklaces they were amazed at how the stones worked.


Not long after working with Selenite I noticed that my intuitive abilities had increased to the point where I could move my consciousness into another person's field and feel what was going on with them. But when I started wearing the earrings (so close to my 3rd eye chakra) I noticed another leap. I was in the house with my sister and daughters and in a moment of stillness I could hear what my sister and daughter were both thinking. I came out of the room I was in and addressed both their questions. They were stunned and wondered how I knew what they were thinking!! I was also stunned to literally be able to hear their thoughts!!


Whe I get triggered by negative emotions, I simply reach for my pendant or earrings and rub them saying "Selenite, help me release this energy, I do not want it" and like little vaccum cleaners they clear the negativity in seconds. It always amazes me how quickly I return to mycenter. We are never not going to be triggered by life, but we can quicken our recovery time.


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Also Carried In

Medfield, MA ~ Holistic Wellness Center ~ 67 West Street

Holliston, MA ~ A Soul Spirit Studio ~ 78 Railroad Street

Houma, LA ~ by Anelas ~ 7720 Main Street

Melrose, MA ~ by ZuZu's Healing Arts Center ~ 122 W Emerson Street

South Shore, MA ~ by Sue Boardman ~ (207) 251-2004

Cape Cod, 3284 Main St, Barnstable Village, MA ~ by The Sanctuary

In Chicago at Equilibrium Energy & Education, 47 W Polk St


Many More Pieces in my store!!!


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calendar . home . jewelry . paintings . angels . contact . selenite for sale . out there . nicki . sessions . bowls . about selenite . awakenings