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"I was first introduced to selenite at an angel fair where Nicki was doing mini 5 minute selenite sessions. I immediately felt what I can only describe as release and a feeling of relief. After suffering with chronic Lyme disease for several years, working with Selenite has brought me the best pain relief. I've tried antibiotics, herbal protocols, acupuncture along with many other therapies, and none have provided the pain relief and allowed me the relaxation like working with Selenite has.

Anyone who has had chronic Lyme disease knows that usually after taking rounds of antibiotics or herbal protocols that there is a herxeimer "herx" reaction (when symptoms get worse temporarily and is the actual die off of the lyme) and then usually a period of relief from symptoms afterwards. I was shocked to feel this after my first Selenite class with Nicki. Not only did I "herx" for the day following the class but after that I had a month of being almost completely symptom free. I then took a second class with Nicki and found it to be just as helpful as the last.

Since working with Selenite I have been able to go off my antibiotics and have been much more active - my severe exhaustion seems to have gone and my energy levels are up! I used to have horrible anxiety and that is also gone now. I even bought a slab of selenite through Nicki so I can continue to enjoy the great benefits of this amazing and healing crystal everyday at home.

I will never be able to thank Nicki enough for introducing me to selenite and for her amazing and relaxing meditations during her classes. I highly recommend both Nicki's classes and selenite to anyone suffering from Lyme disease, anxiety, exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, back problems, and so many other issues that many others suffer from.

P.S. Both my dogs love laying on or next to the selenite too!! They usually fall asleep on it" - Anne M.

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Chicago at the Bodhi Spiritual Center

2746 N Magnolia Ave

Friday, September 12th, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Saturday, September 13th from 4 – 6pm


Saturday Sessions 10:45 - 2:30 ~ Call Nicki to Book at 774-521-4402



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